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Over the years, staying in touch with people from all over the world with Whatsapp for windows phone, whether near or far, has become quite easy and very convenient. Due to the wonderful technological advancements at the present time, people now enjoy better methods of communicating with each other. WhatsApp is a messaging app that all smartphone owners can avail of. It allows cross-platform connection and is compatible with Android, iOS, BlackBerry, Nokia, and Windows Phones. With the use of this app, you can send and receive messages, share files, and stay connected with all smartphone users regardless of their phone’s OS.

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Gone are the days when you are charged for each SMS or MMS that you send to a friend or a family member. WhatsApp makes it possible for every smartphone user to freely send and receive messages without having to worry about the total cost of all messages sent. This wonderful app may just mark the end of SMS and MMS. Moreover, using WhatsApp allows a person to send audio, video, and picture files too. This is possible if both the sender and the recipient have subscribed to this quite incredible messenger app. So as long as both parties are using WhatsApp, messages can be sent quite easily. However, you can enjoy its free use only for the first year and after that, you would have to pay $0.99 for continued usage. That is really a good deal and far more economical than your annual costs for sending SMS and MMS.  Using this app permits all smartphone users to send text messages that have unlimited word count, unlike in the regular SMS where a limit on the number of characters is given. The experience is very much like chatting or instant messaging on your smartphone, and to top that, you can even create a group or join one while using this feature.

When WhatsApp for Windows Phone was first unveiled to the public, many were truly happy to be able to use it on their Windows smartphones. Communicating has become much easier with this very simple smartphone app. The app has really made a great impact especially during those times when connectivity and file sharing are quite necessary. However, it is not perfect yet. Some users would like additional features to be added while others have experienced glitches. Happily, these minor problems have long been fixed with continuous updates from the company.  At present, new versions are still coming out regularly to help improve WhatsApp for Windows Phone. For instance, it would seem that we can still expect a better voice messaging feature in the app.  Most of the updates so far are really minor and you may not even notice any change unless you look closely. Nonetheless, these fixes, however minor, have made the experience of using WhatsApp a much better one.

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When it comes to instant messaging, WhatsApp for Windows Phone has a lot to offer. If you are still using SMS or MMS to keep in touch with family and friends, then perhaps you might consider switching to this app. You can save on bills plus the connection experience is really better. And when it comes to filing sharing, you know that WhatsApp is far more reliable and easier to use. Send videos, pictures, and audio files to your colleagues or buddies with no trouble at all.


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