Lovely Writer The Series Ep 2 Eng Sub

The following Lovely Writer Episode 2 English Sub has been released. Lovely Writer Ep 2 Eng Sub Dramacool And Kissasian will always be the first to have the episode so please Bookmark and visit daily for the latest updates!!! Enjoy a free download.

Lovely Writer Episode 2 English Sub Dramacool


  1. this is nt ep2?

  2. This is not ep2 T-T

  3. It hasn’t aired yet? What time does it usually air at because its getting tiring to keep on checking..

  4. Available on

  5. Why was the kiss cut off at the end?

    • it was maybe in the episode 1.

      • April Nicole Wright

        Nope no kiss at all in episode 1 it was in episode 2 they have it on Dailymotion episode 2 with the kiss you can go see it for yourself. And it’s not really about the kiss if it was any scene at all that was supposed to be there but was cut out i would be upset, because i want to watch every part of the show because it is a part of the show it is part of the story. If any part is cut out then part of the story is missing.

  6. April Nicole Wright

    I watched it earlier on this site and the kiss scene was there at the end, but now it has been cut off for some reason.

    • You Can Watch Episode 1 To Enjoy The Kiss scene.

      • April Nicole Wright

        The kiss scene isn’t in episode 1 though so how can that be, they did not kiss in episode 1 at all. Dailymotion has episode 2 complete with the kiss scene i guess i will just give my support to them then.

  7. April Nicole Wright

    Clearly you haven’t even watched episodes 1 or 2 or you would know that there is no kiss in episode 1 but there is in episode 2. In my opinion someone who hasn’t even watched it should not be posting the episodes or replying to comments. Because if you are running the website and replying to people’s comments or questions you need to be able to answer them correctly, which you did not answer my question correctly at all telling me the kiss is in episode 1 and it is not, maybe you should have checked into that before replying to my question so you could have given me a correct answer and not a lie.

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