HAWK Mod Apk 30.1.22110 (Unlimited Crystals Money Damage HP)

App Name HAWK Mod Apk
Publisher ModApk
Genre Game
Size 63 MB + 449 MB
Latest Version 30.1.22110
MOD Info Premium Unlocked
Requires 4.1 +
Update January 15, 2021
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  • After starting the game, click on the round button in the upper left to open the menu mod, where you can enable immortality.
  • Very High Damage (almost always 1 hit kill)
  • Very High HP • Enemies don’t shoot (except for bosses’ special attacks)
  • Higher Drop Rate • Removed Level Limit for all planes (might be visual only)
  • Ground Units don’t attack
  • Mines don’t fire bullets when exploding

If you have been in the HAWK Mod Apk for a long time, you are probably no stranger to Chicken Conquerors.

This game with Contra, Mario, Tank, made our childhood beautiful and complete.

Vidly will now introduce you to a game similar to Chicken Invaders to remind you of your childhood, that is Hawk: Freedom Squadron!


As I mentioned, Hawk mod apk: Freedom Squadron has a playstyle similar to the legendary Chicken Invaders game.

You control a plane that can shoot at enemies, using your fingers to move the plane to prevent an attack from the enemy.

However, instead of avoiding the eggs of cosmic chickens, this time you will need to deal with storm bullets of the most advanced weapon.

The game requires reflexes and ingenuity. Avoid attack and deal damage to the enemy. You win if there are no enemies on the screen.

Also at any stage of destroying enemies can upgrade your plane.

Unique features such as increasing gun damage, expanding the bow of the bullet to repel a large number of enemies, or are a great way of protection for your aircraft.

Pay attention to the shooter but do not forget to take the place to collect items, this may be the key to pass the level.

Features of HAWK Mod Apk

Hawk: Entering the Battle of Freedom Squadron will give players 190 different challenges to save the kingdom of Verdia.

The difficulty will gradually increase with the progress you have made. Later levels will be more demanding, players need to think clearly and ask them to improve themselves.

The framework is also slowly unlocked depending on your progress.

Hawk: Freedom Squadron has a decent story, a lot for anyone who enjoys this part of the game.

To pass the difficulty in the game, you must pass the Primary to that area.

When the henchmen are removed, the BOSS will appear.

They often appear as a giant flying fortress with an advanced army and high resistance. Have the focus and patience to defeat them.

After that, you can get a lot of rewards.

Not only that but HAWK Mod Apk: Freedom Squadron also supports players in a very interesting way, that is, along with other heroes.

Players can invite and collaborate with friends to fight, then complete the task on the same screen.

In addition, players from around the world can use this feature to join a team to meet random players.

Increasing the difficulty of the game means you will need to upgrade yourself if you do not want to disappoint the invaders. Players can upgrade many features on the plane to increase combat abilities.

Key parameters such as damage, resistance, and strength are very important.

In addition, the type of Hawk: Freedom Squadron is also varied. If you have the financial skills, unlock the aircraft with great features, with enough strength to overcome all challenges.

The Final Verdict

In addition to the main plane, your troops also have two other small planes to assist in the battle. They have the effect of firing excessive damage, and some special abilities depend on each type, such as defending or firing more bullets.

These small planes can also be upgraded. While they are not as powerful as the main plane, they will be worthwhile if you invest!

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