Apple isn’t really as innocent as they say

Apple isn’t really as innocent as they say Apple has been in the news lately, although it isn’t for a new device they may have developed. Apple has taken Samsung to court claiming they stole and copied four years’ worth of their hard work and investments all in a matter of three months. They also claim Samsung did this with no risk. The attorney acting for Apple told the courtroom that the developers from Samsung had sat with Apple’s most successful product, the iPhone, and deciphered each element of the phone and incorporated it under a Samsung name.

The attorney for Apple had evidence to back up their claims as well saying Apple had a legal team focusing on Samsungs internal documents. They also had many hours of testimony along with witnesses.

About Apple

Apple is the manufacturers of a series of Personal computers and smartphones. The computers are also known as Macintosh. The very first Apple Mac was released in January 1984. It was the first commercial personal computer that came with a mouse as well as a graphical user interface. By 1998 Apple created the iMac. The newer Apple Mac‘s are for use at home, schools, and work-related markets. The iMac, Mac Mini Desktop, Mac Pro, MacBook Air, and MacBook Pro are all devices under the Apple Mac name.

More on the court case

Apple also had documents showing images of the iPhone and Samsung Galaxy smartphones. They showed all the comparisons and the things that were similar or the same. Samsung also didn’t send any of their exec’s to answer questions under oath, they only sent their lawyers. Apple is asking for up to 2.5 billion US Dollars for the damage caused as well as asking for a ban on Samsung imports.

Apple also said in their closing arguments that Apple had contacted Samsung and insisted that they stop using Apple’s patent claim. Samsung has said in their defense that smartphones have limited designs which are why they look similar. The judge handling the case has asked the parties involved (Apple and Samsung) to negotiate and come to an agreement to prevent it from going to jury, but it has failed and will now be handed over to the jury.

Analysts have said that if Apple wins the court case it will be a “diversification of designs in the market place” and if Samsung wins the case “expect to see an awful lot of Apple knockoffs without fear of retribution”. Now that the case has now been handed over to the jury for a decision they need more than six hundred questions answered before they can decide the fate of the two big companies. The judge, Lucy Koh read over a hundred and nine pages to the jurors to help them through their deliberation. The jurors will need to go through three different patent claims including utility, design, and trade dress patents. The jurors started deliberating on 22 August 2012.

None of these patents infringe on third-party applications such as Viber, WhatsApp Messenger, Photoshop, or anything in that form or manner. but you can read up on how WhatsApp works on an Apple mac here. Twenty-eight of Samsungs products are being accused of infringement by Apple. The Apple lawyers also claim that Samsung copied their designs because they were falling so far behind the iPhone’s success. Before the case was handed over to the jury the CEOs of both companies involved met at the request of the judge. This means that the jury will have a long and complex case to work through before they can reach their decision.

Apple isn’t completely innocent as Google’s Motorola Unit has laid its second lawsuit against them. They have said Apple violated email notifications, video player, and location reminders among other patents. At the moment Apple has a lot on their plates. It involves the designs of the iPad, iPhone, as well as various Mac personal computers including the Mac Book Pro and MacBook Air. Apple is being accused of infringing.

Another story that is making waves in the headlines is the fact that an ex-employee has decided to sue Apple because he was promised a lifetime job but was fired. The ex-employee claims that he was fired because Apple would then not have to pay the restricted stock units he had worked hard to earn during the time he was employed there. He worked for Apple from 1998 until December 2011, Apple used the excuse he was being fired for “business reasons”. Mr. Goodrich, the ex-employee, was promised he would always have a job by Mr. Jobs but after he passed away in October 2011 Mr. Goodrich was let go.

Even though Apple is one of the most successful smartphone companies, just like all companies they have problems, lawsuits, and scandals.

Apple has made so much headway with their products, which many people prefer to other smartphones. iPhone has many amazing features and that is why so many people prefer them to any other smartphone. Apple has decided to open an Apple store in 2013 in Russia. The store is going to be named Apple Rus and will distribute specifically iPad’s, iPhones, and Mac’s among others. None of these devices come with WhatsApp Messenger but that isn’t the point, the fact that people can install WhatsApp for macs is pretty neat.

Apple Rus has decided to open the store because for the past one and a half decades has been using third-party distribution. Apple only has a small percentage of stores in the world, namely six percent and only thirteen countries have retail stores. America and Western Europe do not have easy access to any official Apple Stores.  The plan is to have the first official Apple Store in Russia as early as 2013. The decision isn’t final because Apple hasn’t confirmed or spoken about it to the press since 2011.

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